Required Graduate Medical Education documentation

What documents are you required to maintain for purposes of GRE?

42 CFR 413.75 provides guidance:

(1) The name and social security number of the resident.
(2) The type of residency program in which the individual participates and the number of years the resident has completed in all types of residency programs.
(3) The dates the resident is assigned to the hospital and any hospital-based providers.
(4) The dates the resident is assigned to other hospitals, or other freestanding providers, and any nonprovider setting during the cost reporting period, if any.
(5) The name of the medical, osteopathic, dental, or podiatric school from which the resident graduated and the date of graduation.
(6) If the resident is an FMG, documentation concerning whether the resident has satisfied the requirements of this section.
(7) The name of the employer paying the resident’s salary.

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