We can provide web-based Medicare and Medicaid cost report support and seminars for Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), and Hospices.

We can offer recorded and live web-based seminars on a variety of hospital topics, including:

  • General Ledger and Trial Balance Mappings
  • Expense Differentials
  • Provider Statistical & Reimbursement Report (PS&R)
  • Graduate Medical Education (GME) and Indirect Medical Education (IME)
  • Medicare Bad Debts Review
  • Medicare Disproportionate Share (DSH) Payments
  • Medicaid DSH payments
  • Physician Time Studies
  • Cost-based Service Reimbursement (e.g. Organs/Vaccines/etc.)
  • Hospice Cap Review

We offer Reimbursement Support for C-level executives, reimbursement staff, cost report preparers, and legal teams. Our training can be conducted online or in-person. Send us topics in advance and we can tailor the seminar accordingly.

  • Are you interested in understanding cost report issues? Cost reporting issues are complex. We can offer a series of webinars focused on giving you a broad knowledge of the cost report process. Correctness matters. Let us guide you on how to submit the cost report from start to finish.
  • Have you encountered questions when completing a cost report or one under audit or desk review? Our services will allow you to share your screen and help us guide you in the right direction.
  • Do you need us to walk you through cost report worksheets? If you need line-by-line expertise but have limited time, our web-based solution is a more convenient and affordable option.
  • Do you need to explain an issue without emailing hundreds of pages? The web-based service allows your team and ours to interface productively in real-time.
  • Does your litigation or defense team need cost reporting or financial experts at your convenience and without the travel expense?

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