Our consulting service can improve your knowledge and expertise of cost reporting and financial healthcare principles.

The benefits to our services manifest as the following:

Experience: We have worked in the trenches to prepare and review cost report filings, financial statements, and audit markups.

Knowledge: We assist in the preparation of the following cost reports: Hospitals and Complexes, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), and Hospices.

Resourcefulness: We known data capture and can use your existing financial health system to extract reimbursement information.


Subject-Matter Expertise (SME): We know financial and cost reporting best practices and can help you navigate complex issues.


Presentations: We have strong presentation and explanatory skills with inside and outside stakeholders. When you need us to explain complex topics, we are there for you.


Reliability: We value being succinct. You have enough to worry about. Your can rely on us to provide you solutions and answers without the clutter.


Productiveness: Being mindful of your team’s time, we identify issues and solutions quickly.


Leadership: We have leaders that speak your language. Our people have likely been in your shoes and can provide a perspective that your team needs.


Relationships: Cost reporting and healthcare financial reporting requires an interplay of experts and resources. Count on us to provide resources that value outcomes and results.

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