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  • Medicare Charges: What does CMS have to offer?

    Interestingly, CMS has recently published charges for more than 3,000 hospitals paid under IPPS. The charges include the top 100 most frequently billed charges during Fiscal Year 2011. CMS says that these “DRGs represent almost 7 million discharges or 60 percent of total Medicare IPPS …

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  • Required Graduate Medical Education documentation

    What documents are you required to maintain for purposes of GRE? 42 CFR 413.75 provides guidance: (1) The name and social security number of the resident. (2) The type of residency program in which the individual participates and the number of years the resident has …

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  • Direct Graduate Medical Education (GME) – Part 1

    The purpose of this post is to discuss direct graduate medical education (GME). I will provide an overview of what is required on E-3, Part IV on 2552-96 or the new E-4 on the 2552-10. GME compensates hospitals for the costs of running a teaching …

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  • Input Pricing Under the Prospective Payment System (PPS)

    As discussed in a precious article about PPS, we discussed labor, nonlabor, and capital costs. The purpose of this brief discussion is to explain the elements in more detail, especially because of its interrelationship with the wage index computed on S-3, Part II and Part …

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