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  • Medicare Cost Report Worksheet B, Part 1: Step-Down Process

    I’d like to use this post to briefly explain the step-down process on the Medicare cost¬† report 2552-10, but which is applicable on other Medicare and Medicaid cost reports.¬† For example, it is used on the Skilled Nursing Facility cost report and Home Health Agency …

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  • The Importance of Medicare Cost Report Compliance

    We know that CMS requires the Medicare Cost Report as a condition of payment, but we should also note the basic principle of Medicare Cost Report filing. See 42 C.F.R. s. 413.24. The overarching principle reads: “Providers receiving payment on the basis of reimbursable cost …

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  • Changes to Critical Access Hospitals

    If you don’t know yet, there are some contemplated changes to CAHs (Critical Access Hospitals). Here’s a rundown of CAH’s basic requirements: The problem is that if these providers were forced to re-certify, they may not meet the rural requirement or the distance requirement. There …

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  • Excess Readmissions Continued

    I briefly discussed the impact of the readmission calculation before. Now, I came across an excellent summary paragraph from the authors themselves: The proposed ratio is a measure of relative performance. If a hospital performs better than an average hospital that admitted similar patients (that …

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  • Minimum Data Set (RAI) Manual and the SNF Medicare Cost Report

    For those involved with SNFs are are interested in reading more about the MDS, I found a helpful website that organizes the MDS quite well. If you would like to more about ADLs, RUGs, clinical assessments, and more, you may find the MDS content quite …

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