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We are a healthcare and IT consulting firm specializing in assisting clients with Medicare cost report preparation and training services.

  • Medicare Cost Report Preparation
  • Medicare Cost Report Training
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There are a handful of Medicare cost report software packages to choose from. We can help guide you in the right direction.

Medicare Cost Report Webinars

We can offer live and web-based webinars to help give you a broad knowledge of the Medicare cost reporting process and its requirements.

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We offer access to Medicare and Medicaid cost report preparation, cost report training, Medicare cost report software recommendations, and Medicare cost report consultation services! We support Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), Hospices, Home Health Agencies, RHC/FQHCs, and more. Feel free to comtact us today for more information.

  • We teach the Medicare/Medicaid cost reports. Whether you seek information about hospital, SNF, hospice, or other cost reporting information, we likely have a solution for you.

  • We recommend Medicare cost report software.

  • We consult about the Medicare/Medicaid cost reports. If you need a second look or extra advice, you can rely on us and our partner to answer your Medicare cost report questions.

  • We offer free suggestions about the Medicare/Medicaid cost reports through our blog. Our blog contains free information about cost report training, software, and more!

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New year, new seminars. Please see the schedule here: 2016 Seminars

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Hospital Medicare Cost Report (2552-10) Instructions

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